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4NannyTraining.com proudly presents the nanny industry's first interactive nanny assessment tools.

The Nanny Skills Assessment was jointly developed by 4nannies.com, a web based nanny and family job matching service, and LifeWork Strategies, the developers of the Nanny Essentials training program.

The skills assessment tool at 4NannyTraining.com is intended to help you, the professional career nanny, document your child care skills. The assessment is free, and you can utilize the Performance Report in your next job performance review or add to your resume.      Learn More...

If you...

  • want to document your mastery of key nanny skills and knowledge
  • want to demonstrate your professionalism to your employer or future employers
  • want to identify areas where further skills development is needed
  • want to add evidence of your knowledge to your nanny portfolio
  • want to arm yourself for your next performance review
  • want to command a higher wage

YOU want to take the FREE nanny skills assessment quiz at 4NannyTraining.com!

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