About the Skills Assessment Quiz

4NannyTraining.com online quiz is a professionally developed multiple choice style quiz that assesses your knowledge in five critical areas. You will be presented with ten randomly selected questions in each category. It takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes to complete the entire quiz. The quiz components include:

  • Brief Statistical Survey: This simply collects some basic demographic information to help the site owners in the development of future modules.
  • Early Childhood Development: This is a collection of 'ages and stages' type questions.
  • Nutrition, Meal Planning and Food Safety: The nanny, more than any other childcare provider, needs to be proficient in a dizzying array of nutrition and food safety areas.
  • Safety and Discipline Issues: You work with your employer's child(ren) in a generally unsupervised situation. The parent's anxieties are allayed and your charge's safety and well being are more assured when you are well versed in appropriate safety and discipline behaviors.
  • Childhood Illness, Hygiene and First Aid: Measure your knowledge in this important area.
  • Communication with the Nanny Employer: You are a nanny because you love children. The reality is that your professional success has as much to do with how well you communicate with your employer as it does with how well you care for their child(ren).

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